Why Join OzyAsia

Salient Features


  • Study from the comfort of your home, NO MORE TRAVELLING to reach Your local tutors around. Save your TIME & Learn more.
  • Flexible study hours to suit daily study schedule of the students.
  • Choose different number of hourly session per week according to the school work load.
  • Get extra help during the Examination days to score better.
  • Flexible choice to number of subjects with the same teacher.
  • Learn from University qualified and very friendly teachers.


  • Flexible work hours to suit your schedule.
  • Flexible choice of Your expertise subjects.
  • Work full-time or part-time.
  • Earn an attractive salary.
  • Get certified as an online tutor.
  • Get the experience to interact with students from different countries.
  • Join the OzyAsia community.

Joining OzyAsia

Being a Pioneer in the online teaching, OzyAsia is a great source of online educational help for all the students. OzyAsia has been a proven source for the success of students in USA, Canada and various other countries.

OzyAsia has grown up from a very small basic unit to its today's form in just 4 years time. Started in year 2010 with an innovative idea of distance educational help, today we are connected across the nations through the medium of the internet. At OzyAsia, We strongy help students understand the basics of their subject and then make them feel confident to tackle the subject material as per level of the complexity according to the grade the student studies in. This method is a proven strategy to raise the understanding level of students and in terms of higher scores in the examinations and class tests.

Our Tutoring services are very economical as well as convenient. We do have the options for the monthly joining for as low as 99 AUD only. The other monthly plans availabe are:

Fee Structure per calendar month (PCM)

Choice 1 Two one hourly session per week 99.00 USD PCM
Choice 2 Three one hourly sessions per week 149 USD PCM
Choice 3 Four one hourly sessions per week 199 USD PCM
Choice 4 Five one Hourly sessions per week 249 USD PCM

White Board Functionality We use a white board as a medium to pass the instructions to the students during the teaching sessions. These virtual classrooms for the students are an extra advantage. All the Audio/Vedio sessions gets stored as well for the reference of the student to revise the topic anytime. To join us all you need is to have a good speed internet connection at home and a PC or Laptop with Audio and video compatibility.