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    Praveen Chaturvedi Praveen.weblink309@gmail.com

  • My teacher is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He helps me top my class, i always do well on my tests, because of OzyAsia. I am grateful for my teacher, and OzyAsia.

    Vir Malhotra Vir.m@gmail.com

  • I have scored 10GPA in my Xth. teachers from Ozyasia have been a real help for me in the board exams...

    Samarth SamarthD@rediffmail.com

  • I have topped in my school in science stream studies. ozyasia has been a great help all the times...cheers!!!

    Gurjinder Singh Shownkijattgurjinder@gmail.com

  • I have joined Ozyasia for my year 12th Chemistry/Physics & Maths ...I am expecting to get 95% in my finals overall :-) thanks Ozyasia..

    Aanchal Singh AanchalS@yahoo.com

  • Ozyasia is a great concept, i have Joined the OzyAsia team 6 months back as a science and english teacher in Brisbane, Au.. getiing to know students from many other contries

    Nancy M Brisbane Au Girlsroses2007@yahoo.com

  • I have topped my class in this semester, all thanks to my tutor at ozyasia, she always inspired me to do more and taught me various learning techniques. I feel lucky.

    Sameer Mahey Xth Class Punjab India Oceans_sea@yahoo.com

  • Ozyasia teaching staff is really nice and understanding, i feel very comfortable with my Science teacher.

    Jack Sean Xth Grade Vancouver Canada Ineshnareshsonu@gmail.com

  • My kids are able to concentrate more on their studies as there is no more travelling to their local tutor in the city five miles away from our house. Many thanks to ozyasia people. very nice concept.

    Sarah Jane Florida USA Teenamahey@gmail.com

  • I have heard from my classmate about ozyasia. This has been a great help for me for last 3 months.

    William Sonar B C Canada Ineshnareshsonu@gmail.com

  • My daughters are scoring better after joining Ozyasia tutoring, Thanks Ozyasia.

    V S Ramona Florida USA Teenamahey@gmail.com

  • I am not good at mathematics since my early years of school, now this is my best scoring subject since i have joined Ozyasia, very simple approach to make all the concepts clear and easy way simple. Good service

    Asangae Smith Florida USA Oceans_sea@yahoo.com

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