Learning Pathways

Study Skills: Strategies for Success

A strategy involves using a plan of action to achieve our set goals. To achieve success You will need to use a variety of strategies, such as;

1. Listen very Carefully:
Concentrate on what is being said avoiding the other sounds around. Do ask questions, every questions has a meaning. and remember "Every Question Is a Good Question".

2. Take clear notes:
Write Down important facts, formulas and Ideas. You can use your own words to make a note, this adds to the better understanding for a long time period.

3. Choose the right place:
Study in a silent place, where there are no distractions like music or TV. etc. A stdeunt must keep the study room or place to study very neat and tidy as well. This also adds up to the organisation in mind as well.

4. Go further:
study the topic further more than the book, use internet to get more information. this gives a student extra knowledge and better understanding.

5. Revise :
Revision is MUST thing for the students. There are many things in the school syllabi, those at first seems very hard to learn and remember but once you get the habit of revision of subject matter, it adds to the learning. Make notes too.

Planning for the Tests and Examinations

1. Plan revision:
Make sure all the study material is at the hand's length, all books and notes has to be around, It saves time, which is the most precious entity during the examination days. Students must plan a revision timetable and stick to that as well.

2. Preparation:
Aim to work in 50 minute stretches, take a break for 5 minutes to get mind refreshed Read through all the notes, highlighted paragraphs, already made Cheat-sheets etc.

3. Before each exam:
Re-read through the notes and text books, concentrate your mind so that you retain everything in your mind. Do take care of your health as well, so take proper and light meals and stay relaxed yet focussed. Keep all the writing and other required equipment like pens and calculators etc. ready night before your scheduled examination or tests.

4. In the exam:
Read the instructions and All the questions twice to get a good understanding of the possible and appropriate answers. Plan the time for each problem according to the marks allocated.

5. After the exam:

Managing Your time to make the most of it

1. Managing the time in the Classroom:
Listen to the teacher/tutor carefully, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Make a note or list of the things that you were not able to grasp in your mind. all these doubts and problems you can discuss with your Tutor from OzyAsia.

2. Managing the time after school/at home:
Take rest ater you reach home after school, do prepare your list of problems to be discussed with your tutor from OzyAsia. Use every single minute of your tuition time wisely.

3. Managing the time to complete tasks:
Manage your time according to your wish and planning according to your hard and easy subjects. Do your homework IN TIME this gives you a good time management to take care of your studies in a better way and stay ahead of your class mates.

4. More on time management:
Its You who is the master of your all activities. So try to be the Best. Plan Your day and time according to your study schedules and leisure time. If you plan in the beginning of your school sessions. You will never find it hard to stay ahead of all your class mates in studies and other fields of success.